National School Games Wushu Championships 2018

National School Games Wushu Championships 2018 (19 Mar – 6 Apr) has finally come to an end~

CONGRATULATIONS to all our schools’ representative winners. We are proud of you. Your hard work paid off. To the representatives who did not win, we know that you have trained very hard and done your best in the arena. We are very proud of you too!! 👏👏👏

Every competition is a learning process. You are a victory not by the number of medals you have won but by the good and bad experiences learnt and grown from this competition.  You did not come this far to walk away without the victory.

Thank you to all coaches for the passion and extra mile effort that put in for our students in the trainings and preparations for the competition.

Thank you to all teachers, parents and supporters for the great supports and cheering for our representatives. Because we have you, our representatives became motivated in the arena. Thank you so much!

This competition may have ended but the journey to the next competition has just began. Keep moving, keep learning and keep progressing! JIAYOU~!! 😉👍👍👍 

~Our Winners~

Maris Stella High School

Josh Chu (L) – Junior Boys 4 Duan Sword (4th)

Cieran Wee (R) – Junior Boys 5 Duan Broadsword (4th)

Reyes Teh – Senior Boys Nanquan (BRONZE), Nan Dao (4th) & Nan Gun (4th)

Dale Sin – Senior Boys 4 Duan Spear (4th)

Members (L to R): Chan Wei Qi, Darren Eng, Reyes Teh, Dale Sin, Kaden Ng & Darius Wen

Maris Stella High (Pri) School – Senior Boys Group Quanshu (4th)

Jacques Ling – ‘C‘ Division Boys 5 Duan Spear (SILVER)

Angus Quek – ‘B’ Division Boys 2nd Int. Changquan (SILVER), 2nd Int. Broadsword (SILVER) & 2nd Int. Cudgel (GOLD)

Anchor Green Primary School

Ng Ghing Hung (L) – Senior Boys Changquan (4th) & 4 Duan Sword (BRONZE)

Kyra Chong (R) – Senior Girls 4 Duan Broadsword (GOLD) & 5 Duan Cudgel (4th)

Princess Elizabeth Primary School

Kieran Lim – Junior Boys 5 Duan Sword (BRONZE)

Pearlynn Chan – Junior Girls 5 Duan Nanquan (4th)

Elyrsia Tung – Junior Girls 4 Duan Cudgel (BRONZE)

Pei Chun Public School

Chiew Yeam Tong – Junior Girls 4 Duan Sword (4th)

Benjamin Boo – Senior Boys 4 Duan Cudgel (SILVER)

Elitewushu Athletes

Joe Tan (Dunman High Sch) – ‘C’ Division Boys 1st Int. Broadsword (4th)

Tan Hui Zhi (Anderson Sec Sch) – ‘C’ Division Girls 5 Duan Sword (SILVER) & 5 Duan Spear (SILVER)

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