National (Primary) School Wushu Championship 2017


to all our athletes who have done well in the 


Specially congratulate Pei Chun Public School which has nailed a 2nd Placing for the Senior Girls Division.

Well Done girls!


Pei Chun Public School

  • Benjamin Boo – Junior Boys 3 Duan Nanquan (Bronze)
  • Pek Zhen He – Senior Boys 5 Duan Broadsword (Gold) & 5 Duan Cudgel (Silver)
  • Gabriel Li – Senior Boys 4 Duan Broadsword (4th)
  • Judy Chua – Junior Girls Nan Gun (Bronze)
  • Pearl Ng – Junior Girls 5 Duan Nanquan (4th)
  • Phua Yu Tong – Senior Girls Changquan (Gold), Broadsword (Gold) & 5 Duan Cudgel (Gold)
  • Shannon Quek – Senior Girls 4 Duan Sword (Silver)
  • Esther Low – Senior Girls 4 Duan Sword (4th), 4 Duan Spear (4th)
  • Chelsea Xie – Senior Girls 5 Duan Nanquan (Silver)
  • Senior Girls Group Quanshu (4th)
  • 2nd Placing for Senior Girls Division


Maris Stella High School

  • Cieran Wee – Junior Boys 5 Duan Broadsword (Silver) & 4 Duan Cudgel (4th)
  • Dale Sin – Junior Boys 5 Duan Sword (Bronze)
  • Darius Wen – Junior Boys 5 Duan Nanquan (Bronze)
  • Reyes Teh – Junior Boys Nanquan (4th)
  • Caden Yeo – Senior Boys 5 Duan Broadsword (Silver) & 5 Duan Cudgel (Gold)
  • Lukas Tan – Senior Boys 4 Duan Spear (Bronze)
  • Raphael Kwek – Senior Boys 5 Duan Spear (4th)
  • Angus Quek – ‘C’ Boys Division 1st Broadsword (Bronze) & 1st Cudgel (Silver)


Anchor Green Primary School

  • Ng Ghing Hung – Junior Boys 4 Duan Sword (Bronze)
  • Tan Hui Zhi – Senior Girls 5 Duan Sword (Silver) & 5 Duan Spear (Silver)
  • Lee Jia Shin – Senior Girls 4 Duan Broadsword (4th)


Princess Elizabeth Primary School

  • Lim Zi Liang – Senior Boys Nan Gun (4th)


Elitewushu Althete

  • Shianne Tan (Beacon Pri Sch) – Senior Girls Nanquan (4th)

Pei Chun Public School Winners

Pek Zhen He
Phua Yu Tong
Judy Chua
Esther Low
Benjamin Boo
Esther Low
Gabriel Li
Shannon Quek
Left to Right: Pearl Ng, Chelsea Xie, Phua Yu Tong & Gabriel Li
Senior Girls Group Quanshu

Maris Stella High School Winners

Raphael Kwek
Caden Yeo
Cieran Wee
Lukas Tan
Reyes Teh
Dale Sin
Kieran Wee (L) & Caden Yeo (R)
Darius Wen
Angus Quek

Anchor Green Primary School Winners

Ng Ghing Hung (L) & Tan Hui Zhi (R)
Lee Jia Shin
Tan Hui Zhi

Princess Elizabeth Primary School Winners

Lim Zi Liang

Elitewushu Athlete Winner

Shianne Tan

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