International Wu De Bei Traditional Wushu Competition 2017 (11th to 13th Aug ’17)

International “WuDeBei”

Traditional Wushu Competition 2017

Our athletes fought hard and well in the competition and bagged a total of 5 GOLD, 5 SILVER & 2 BRONZE awards in these 2 days event. Excellence job guys!!! Sooo..proud of you!!~ πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

Thank you parents for the supports and all athletes for the hard work and participations!Β 

Last but not least, thank you Wu De Bei for organising such wonderful and meaningful competition to promote traditional wushu! Very much appreciated!!πŸ‘

Pic with HK actor cum Hung Gar Master Zhao Zhiling & Wu De Bei Chairman Dr Lin Yuan Yong
Pic with the veteran traditional masters at Welcoming Dinner
One of the world most veteran Tai Chi Master Su Zi Fang performing at the Welcoming Dinner. Impressive performance!
Opening Ceremony!

Beautiful and Romantic ε―ΉεˆΊε‰‘ performance by the couple Shawn Yeo & Qi Yun

Chew Jun Rui (L): εŒεŒ•ι¦– – SILVER & Dylan Tan (R): εŒεŒ•ι¦– – SILVER
Joshua Tam: εŒεŒ•ι¦– – BRONZE
Tng Jun Kai (L): 锄倴 – SILVER, Derron Toh (C): 锄倴 – GOLD & Nigel Liew (R): 锄倴 – SILVER

Gabriel Wee: ε°‘ζž—ζœ΄εˆ€ – BRONZE
Master Javelin Kwan: ζ˜₯η§‹ε€§εˆ€ – GOLD
Henry Lim: ε°‘ζž—ζœ΄εˆ€ – SILVER & Michaela Lim: εŠŸεŠ›ζ‹³, ε…«ε¦εˆ€ & ε°‘ζž—ζœ΄εˆ€ – 3 GOLDS

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